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As a global market giant in over 160 business areas, Honeywell is one of the most innovative groups in the world. For a century, the Fortune 100 company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, has proven itself successfully in the field of oil and gas transport and their high safety standards.

The new digital app for Honeywell Enraf ​​not only shows the processes in the complex company supply & value chain, it also quickly presents the end user with the right solutions.

In addition to the developed screen design, we integrated our specially designed symbiotic-icon system™ in project management with Pixelstein. This distinguishes the multi-layered business areas in a visually memorable way. Not only the external perception of the wide range of products is strengthens by branding – also the staff from sales to service received an easy-to-using tool for the daily work in support.


Honeywell Inc.

Project Management

Sebastian Fritzsche, Pixelstein Hanau

Design Direction

Marcus Hein

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