Designing Neighborhood

Why not?

Crossing Bridges

VERYSOON is the side-project of Marcus Hein. He started his interests for cultural matters at the age of 13, especially working in the public space for more then a decade with self initiated projects. With VERYSOON he continues this work, from time to time, on contemporary and relevant topics.

Open Call

Normally we don´t care or talk about unlaid eggs. In this case, we do! KIOSK327 is the next project what is taking care on the topic of neighborhood and it´s environment.

Therefore we are looking for enthusiastic and open minded people who want to shape society in the area of Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

If you are open to work on an artistically, social and research-based project and if you want to join temporarily, just feel free to contact us. Knowledge or ideas on the terms of neighborhood, city and/or cultural studies are very welcome.



Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Artistical Direction

Marcus Hein


Cultural Concept, Interdisciplinary Happenings