Making a Type

Many Lines


A Modular-Type-System


Modulares Schriftsystem aus digitalisierten, von Hand gezeichneten Linien


Initiativprojekt, Schriftgestaltung, Grafik Design, Buchgestaltung, Plakatgestaltung

26 Editionen, 260 Plakate
Buch: Offsetdruck, sw + silber

Making Art

Free art projects help us to gain distance. They not only sharpen our senses, they also contribute to the common good when we design projects. They help us to look ahead and to explore new things. What we like to share.

Kreisrund is self-initiated and self-published. 

If you have a side-project on your own and need participation or just some exchange, or are you planing a conference and you need a speaker?

Let us know!