Cheering exchange 

Designing an Arrival City

Offenbach am Main – Arrival City

A good start & meeting point

Traditional crafts, business and creative people meet in Offenbach am Main, but above all Offenbach is an anchor, a place of diversity and, last but not least, a place for living. But Offenbach is even more: Arrival City - whoever arrives here has a good start - an intact city. The good location, in the heart of the Rhine-Main area, ensures good chances of finding a job and affordable rents, many opportunities for leisure activities and for settling permanently. Many people have come here to stay. Lastly the well integrated Academy of Art and Design always attracts new creatives, young and old, who shape and create society for a better living.

Profiling society

Point & Lines

The visual identity reflects the soul of the City of Offenbach a. M. in a playful way, the thoughts of exchange and togetherness in a connected city. So it is again and again the »lifelines« that meet at one »point« that make up the colorful diversity of the city, create society and, quite simply: they set an example for us.