Thoughts on PEACE

Motions of facts

Awareness through digital innovation

Peace can happen

The Hamburg Working Group on Research into the Causes of War (AKUF) annually lists armed conflicts and ongoing wars from the past year. In 2020 the number was 29 on just 7 continents. The violent conflicts, in which the numbers turn out to be much higher, are not taken into account here.

When we consider peace – we all know there is still a mission ongoing. We were thinking about making this case more visual, more vibrant and raising more awareness – by technology and design.

We found a solution with the idea of flags. They have a very long history and many different usages but they have many things in common too. They mark, they stake out, they shape identity and assert! Remember the great picture of the first moon landing and the pride of our society and democracy - which is based on science.

Making Crisis Visible

Our newly invented peace logo is based on digital connection and current facts. The more wars are happening in the world - the  more stormy the logo appears. That creates an animated logo with hundreds, maybe thousands of variants.

As soon we reach a peaceful together globally, the logo itself will disappear. Peace!

If you running a side-project on social matters or if your organization needs a visual update or more attention:

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