It´s about passion

There is a light that never goes out

Unbreakmyheart is the side project of Sabine Lydia Schmidt - an enthusiastic cultural manager, lovable soul and an amazing maker and believer.
For her shows in the Frankfurt area, we have created a system that is measurable, easy to use and has a recognizable but dynamic identity.

What difference does it make?

If our hearts pump up by your goods

In the beginning there is a light. Always. We know that. We also know about investing and all this fizzle wizzle heckmeck that might be floating around in your head at this stage. It's no secret - we love DIY and Start-Up projects – coz exploring is all about having fun.

So keep believing and convince us with your outstanding project. When the values match ours, we should meet. You will get a consistent supporter and we'll find a way. We'll listen, we'll measure and we'll focus. Together. Just give us a call and get in touch.