Between past & future


What means "new" actually?

Why are there cities of longing on the one hand and abandoned cities on the other? Why are metropolises like Berlin, San Francisco or London booming and why are places like Detroit, Baltimore or German cities like Bochum or Chemnitz shrinking? Where are the individual interfaces that make a city worth living in for the individual cultures and classes and what makes a city attractive?

VERYSOON was launched for this purpose - to search for answers, develop projects and enable an interdisciplinary, research-based exchange. Invitations from experts and artists who deal with the subject of the city and / or the future are designed and coordinated.


Returning value

First stop was The City of Chemnitz. The former industrial city of the GDR had to pass many hurdles. Overcoming the position as a subsidized industrial city and the upheaval after the reunification. The search for identity and the settlement of new business enterprises, as well as the development of own structures adapted to the market economy. Nevertheless, Chemnitz lost its attractiveness and consequently also its inhabitants in the 1990s rapidly. The shrinkage was almost 50% and the average age was increasing rapidly.

We tried to anchor VERYSOON in order to get in contact not only with creative people, but also with representatives from art, politics and urban development. We have developed a strong and innovative concept that asks the right questions, lectures by experts for exchange and networking were planned and spaces for art projects through the city should be built based on the designed structure.


self initiated

Project Board

Marcus Hein


Cultural Concept, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Public Relation

The hard thing on hard things

Does your urban development need a facelift or does it need answers for hard questions?

We are happy to hear from you. We can measure, we can exchange deep thoughts, and we can develop strong concepts to establish opportunities. Just write us an email.