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Corporate Design

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Celebrating a merger - 3:1

At its location in Dessau, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has around 1,400 students. Right next to The Bauhaus, architecture, facility management and geoinformation are ideally located for research and teaching. 

To open the interdisciplinary teaching more coherently to the public, a uniform merge of all organs of the department had to be visibly discernible.

The design we developed is not only symbolic, but also marks the connection and the resulting fusion of the three teaching courses with the respective institutes into one department as a whole.

In order to celebrate the conciseness of the merger and the closeness to The Bauhaus, we decided on a strongly reduced concept, which can only be experienced through color and typography. This new, clear and easy to recognize language strengthens the perception of the department as one institution.


Anhalt University - FB3
Prof. A. Teichert (Dekan)

Project Management

Prof. S. Pinkau (Koordinator), HSA FB3
Marcus Hein (Konzeption & Design)


Corporate Design, Web Design, Editorial Design