We design communication on the edges of art, branding and computing. 

To reach your clients, fans or supporters, we transform shapes with authentic, unique and contemporary communication, powerful identity systems and simple tools to benefit your digital efforts more effectively.

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As digital natives and entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in design and consultancy we are able to understand the business needs of our time. Our service ranges from analysis to concepts and developing visual strategies.


Brand Design
Corporate Design
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Design Direction
Digital Publishing
Exhibition & Space
Wayfinding Systems
Type Design


Communication Design
Brand Consultancy
Image Building


Processing & Concept
Management Consultancy
Supervision & Analysis


We see design as a permanent process. It is related to our world, our beliefs and changes with our time.

With a focus on high standards in content and form, we are able to root a process in all of its parts with a clear vision and statement.

We try to give as much emotional experience as a case demands and which an audience can reflect on. We transform complexity into simplicity. And we don´t just adopt – by no means:  because we ask the right questions to gain value and to transport your message. By fun, by our means and calms. That leads in any case to a win-win-win situation.

For you, for us and for your crowd.


Pragmatism is our way
to start with.

We research, we evaluate and we are questioning – before we design. There is no hype that we believe in. There are values that we focus on because we think this is a great way to create sustainability.

You cannot not communicate, that´s what science proofed us. We know that and that is why we communicate not only values. We search for them, we develop them and we point them out and name them. The results that we deliver are smart systems that simplify workflows. We produce innovative solutions that stand out and are easy to use. And we design experiences that help on the touch points to move forward significantly.

Therefore we are able to accompany you to shape your organization that your audience can identify with – internally, externally and cross-market. 

We see chances.


We avoid the beaten path.
As good partners – we believe in – we are finding solutions deeply underneath a brief. 

Design is not always visible. We accompany you on all stages and levels to bring you, your product or your organization further. Our consultancy is focused on core values, on external influences and on the essence of attitude. We will ask you the hard questions. For sure.

Because we love technology and change - our conceptual service works independently of the media and can start from the bottom.

We think globally.


Marcus Hein

I am focused on processes of identity, to design and to develop them authentically, to spread the outcome, I find that essential for every organism.

Born 1981 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), Escaped from the GDR to Austria, Relocation to Germany 1990. Currently living and working in Frankfurt/M.

Millennial, Digital Native, Cultural Activist, Strategist, Designer, Artist, Human after all


Art, Design, Pop-Culture, Sub-Culture, Identity, City & Space, Music, Architecture, Language (verbal & nonverbal), Society, Communication, Typography, Technology (Computers, Machines & Language), Psychology, Nature


Type Directors Club New York
(since 2021)


In 2015, graduated with a Dipl. Designer from the state artschool 'hfg' in Offenbach, Germany – with Heiner Blum and Sascha Lobe the research and practical work VERYSOON and the theoretical work part with Dr. Hans Zitko 'The potential of The Creative Class in Shrinking Cities – Using the example of The City of Chemnitz'

Studied with Heiner Blum, David Linderman, Klaus Hesse, Niklaus Troxler, Eike König and Sascha Lobe:

Experimental Concepts in Space, Interactive Design, Conceptual Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Language & Aesthetics 


Scholarship, Federal Hessian Culture Foundation (Artist Project Grant)

Scholarship, Federal Hessian Culture Foundation (Artist Work Grant)

Golden Bee 9, 11
Global Graphic Design Biennale Moscow

Annual Book
Tokyo Type Directors Club

Typographic Excellence
Type Directors Club New York

100 Best Poster Germany/Austria/Switzerland
100 Beste Plakate e.V.

It takes minimum two to tango

If you might think we are a good partner to you or your organization, let´s talk. 

The hour is on us – the coffee on you. We promise we will listen too.