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Fischer Smits' focus of activity is in the area of development
of residential properties. They look for their own solution for each location and attach great importance to the homogeneous integration of the project into the urban environment. To do this, Fischer Smits acquires land, coordinates the planning and builds residential buildings
built by mostly regional companies.

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The new visual identity was created in close collaboration with the two founders to make the brand more agile to use and transform it distinctively in the market.

The redesign of the word mark was the first step: the connection between teamwork was emphasized more strongly, increased user-friendliness, easier readability and simpler design. This makes the brand appear more modern and lively.

A new combination in the color system was developed to better respond to digital requirements. The newly designed visual language creates unity and a solid impression.

The result is a clear, contemporary statement that creates a clear contrast in a differentiated market of project developers.

This attracts new skilled workers to the startup and helps raise awareness of the company's touch points.


Fischer Smits & Coll. GmbH

Project Board

Juliane Fischer 
Marcus Hein


Corporate-Design, Branding, Art Direction, Editorial Design, Digital Publishing, Brand-Photography, Web-Design, App-Development