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Designing Experimental Experience

The Dessau Institute of Architecture Graduate School (DIA) is the post-graduate course at the University of Applied Sciences in Dessau - right next to the famous Bauhaus. It complements the bachelor's degree in architecture with a systematic deepening of the topics of architecture and urban planning. Many international and contemporary lecturers have taught here temporarily, such as Arie Graafland, Lars Lerup, Lara Shrivjers and many others, to name but a few.

We have been working with the director Prof. Alfred Jacoby for several years. His efforts at his school and his openness to design were a good start to our work. In order to make his department more visible and to attract more applicants, we decided to transfer the teaching content into a visual language. The result: a school has to be an experimental space, with the exchange of experts, in which innovation is a logical consequence. 


Anhalt University - FB3 / DIA

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Prof. Alfred Jacoby
Marcus Hein, Design Direction


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